From a different perceptive

We all say the world turns it’s back against us,but have we ever stop for a moment to think how we first turn our back against the world?.

We should view life from a different perceptive, stop for a moment to think how we have offended the world, how we turn our backs against mother nature, how we disregard everything else for our selfish desires.

Take nature for example, how scientist have used “development and advancement in technology “as an excuse to ignore the earth and thinking we’re the pinnacle of all creation.

Our own hubris would bring about the end of the earth, we’ve poisoned the water, killed the lands and choked the sky, our development and factories would be the demise of nature, the trees are no longer succulent, the plants are dying as the days goes by. We’ve offended nature in so many ways, it’s time for a change.

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